Camel wool socks

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Yakamel Mongolian Camel Wool Socks for Men & Women – Warm Socks for Cold Feet, Skiing, Hunting, Includes Ebook on Tips


  • 👩👨👵 These camel wool warm socks for women and men are very suitable for the elderly too. To choose size, use the Yakamel sizing image on the left.
  • ⛰ 🏗 ⚒ ⛷ By wearing these warm socks for outdoor work, snowboarding, winter, or cold weather, you can concentrate more on your work or activity, than on distracting cold feet.
  • 📖 The accompanied free booklet is packed with tips to increase longevity of any wool socks.
  • ⛺ Probably you may want to skip washing these socks once or twice while you wash other socks after every use as camel wool is stink-resistant and moisture-wicking. This saves water when it is scarce during camping, for example. Hand wash in lukewarm water, hang dry. Do not bleach.
  • ☼ 🐫 ❄ Made from the wool of Mongolian feisty, woolly, two-humped camels that survive howling blizzards and scorching heat of the Gobi desert where temps range from -40 to +40 Celsius. When it gets wet, it still has some insulation property. Pilling can occur as with all wool and even expensive sweaters do.

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